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Margaret Szawejko, Director / Tutor
BWY Dip., Yoga Therapy Cert of Comp’ / Trainer & mentor (Dr. M.V. Bhole)  M.A.R.

Anubhuti means ‘REALISED’ which is apt because this unique approach to Yoga as a whole, and to Therapy in particular, works in a precise way: from BHAYA KASHA (outside space) towards ANTARAKASHA (inside space) up to CHIDAKASHA (Transcendental space).

So one reaches many aspects of consciousness.

Treat, and Teach

I have been teaching Yoga since the 1970s. During 1987 I began studying with Dr. M.V. BHOLE on many Yoga aspects but most of all how to use Yogic aspects and techniques for the benefit of people who are ill, some profoundly. He says, “Your breathing shows the quality of your existence.”

I have studied, with Dr. Bhole in India, Italy as well as the UK. I have been extremely fortunate that, due to the generosity and backing of both Dr. Bhole and Lucilla Monte, I have been privileged to observe many clients suffering from a plethora of complaints.

For many days at a time Dr. Bhole, Lucilla and myself would observe clients finding solutions where possible. We worked from 7am until 10pm for days at a time: clients not only taking part in group sessions but each one enjoying a private consultation with Dr. Bhole. I am very grateful to them both also the clients who allowed me to listen, watch the Master at work and also put forward my solutions to their in many cases dire states.

During his visits to England we worked with clients also suffering from diverse maladies. We managed a time to work with people in a very good Nursing Home and also a whole weekend with a group of wheelchair users funded by a very generous local firm.

In the past I have also taught dance to the mentally and physically challenged and many wards of a famous London psychiatric Hospital. It would take too long to put down all my experiences that have led me to be determined to “Treat, and Teach” hopefully doing so with energy and the kind of succulence that one observes in a healthy vibrant Lotus blossom: the symbol of Yoga.

A note about Dr. Bhole

*Dr. Bhole was Joint Director of Research at the Institute, Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla, India where he worked only with Yoga techniques in the Institutes own hospital. Since his retirement in 1995 he has given seminars in Brazil, Argentina, Hungary, Prague, France, Italy, Luxumberg and the UK. He has agreed to be my Patron. And hopes that I shall train many excellent therapists and teachers.

Yoganubhuti Seminars

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Margaret Szwaejko with Dr Bhole and Lucilla Monte

Margaret Szwaejko (left), Dr. M.V. Bhole (centre), Lucilla Monte (second from right)
with hotel proprietor and student (Italy 2008)